Summary: Ownership of NFS mounts

From: Donald Bricker <>
Date: Mon Mar 03 2003 - 10:34:50 EST
Thanks to all who replied:
Darren Dunham
John Adams
John Timon
Alexei Kotelnikov
Thomas Autry
GertJan Hagenaars
Robert Tseng
Markus Dohr
Vinnie German
Zaigui Wang
Ric Anderson
Chris Cariffe

Summarized resolution:
The reason I couldn't make change ownership of the files using root on
the NFS client is due to rootsquashing. In this case it wouldn't have
helped because my real problem was the same user_id on the NFS client
and the NFS server are two different user names. Also, it is good to be
aware that group ids should be matched up across NFS systems.

Don Bricker
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