SUMMARY: Portable Sparc Workstation

From: SysAdm <>
Date: Fri Feb 28 2003 - 07:44:03 EST
Original posting:

> We plan to buy a portable Sparc (laptop). 1GB memory, DVD,
> 3d-graphics support.
> I'm aware of Tadpole boxes, but these are quite expencive...
> Have glanced at Naturetech 777S ...
> Does any of you have experience with such a box?
> Other things to consider?

Many suggested x86 and Solaris, but since we're going to use
our Sparc-developed software on the box, this is not an option...

The ones who had experience with Naturetech was very happy with
this solution.  I have ordered the 777s+ :)

Other suggestions:

   - apple macintosh laptops: imac & powerbook
     apple uses bsd for its operating system now.
     bsd is the original sun os (sunos 4.x, solaris 1.x)

Thanks to all that replied!!

- Nils
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