Summary: warning! 109007-09 breaks crontab on Solaris 8

From: Lee, Elizabeth <>
Date: Thu Feb 27 2003 - 18:28:46 EST
Dave Foster suggested I post a summary to my warning about
109007-09 breaking crontab, the symptoms of which were error
messages concerning (when iterations of the crontab
command were invoked).

Anders Odberg <> wrote:

"If you apply 108875-13 as well, crontab will work. In README.109007-09 it
says :

     NOTE 1: To get the complete fix for 4457028 (c2_bsm and cron are not
                working together), please install the following patch:

                108875-13 (or newer)      c2audit patch

I agree that 108875-13 should have been listed as a required patch (crontab
stopped working on ~100 of my Suns until I applied 108875-13)."

Indeed this was the case.  

Annette Lee, aka Elizabeth
Monterey California

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