SUMMARY: TechSource Raptor GFX750

From: Wood, Lawrence N <>
Date: Wed Feb 26 2003 - 11:33:22 EST
I got a few replies from folks with very good suggestions but 
none that led to a resolution.  Ultimately, I was connected with someone
from TechSource who sent me a patch.  The patch itself did not clean up
the problem but may have been a factor.  What I think resolved the issue
was this:

I tried executing fxtconfig -prconf and found some interesting
info, amongst which was the following:
	EDID Data:
		Standard Timing: 1600x1200x60, 1280x1024x60,

I was trying resolutions with a higher third number because I was
led to believe that at 60, there would be interference from our
power source and/or fluorescent lighting.  With the resolution set
at 1600x1200x60, it is working beautifully and I am getting all the
crispness I expected from this card and monitor with no video

Thanks Pablo and Alex for your replies.

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I have installed one of these in my SunBlade 2000 machine. I downloaded
the drivers from the TechSource web site and installed them. Problem is
the ViewSonic monitor I plugged into it keeps dropping out, almost like it
is momentarily losing the video signal.  Anybody see this before or have
any ideas how I might resolve this or even IF it can be resolved.?
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