SUMMARY: DNS root caching?

From: Mike's List <>
Date: Wed Feb 26 2003 - 10:56:49 EST
Thanks to Lars Hecking, Chris Pinnock and Rich Kulawiec...Chris pointed
out that one of the root's server changed IP.

There are two parts to this problem.  First, named.root needed update
from the dig command below.  Second, the acl list needs to be check to
make sure all the appropriate IPs are there.  Possibly third, minor
permission problem w/files, ie. need to make sure all files are chown
named:named and not belongs to root.

The acl pisses me to no end --for some reason I always overlooked this.

- Mike

---------- update message ----------

Here's another strange thing, I can now do all nslookup at my nameserver
machine --then my clients can do nslookup on that particular domain just
fine.  But if I don't do "nslookup" then my clients can't do
nslookup  So it seems the NS doesn't go to the root server

I've done dig . ns and pipe it into named.root file,
I've stop/start named.  Bind is running w/permission of named:named not
as root.

- Mike

---------- original message ----------

~$ nslookup

Non-authoritative answer:
~$ nslookup

*** No address (A) records available for

Does the above indicates there's a problem w/my root caching? I can do
nslookup on most sites, but not on some sites, ie. displays on
What do I need to look/check for? named.local? named.root?...been at this
for a couple of days now.  Running Bind 9.2.1.


- Mike

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