SUMMARY: How do I read a tape tarred on HPUX

From: Wimmer, Jeffrey <>
Date: Tue Feb 25 2003 - 12:00:33 EST
Thanks to all who responded.

I have figured out this is an HPUX tape that is bootable!!  The data
recorded on it is in a format that auto boots.  I got great responses from
the following people, which I thank very much for their help.  

Darren Dunham
Rich Kulawiec
Jon Godfrey
Peter Stokes
Chris Pinnock
Dominic Clarke
Sydney Weinstein
Joe Fletcher

The person who built the tape is long gone, and I'm going thru our data
management wharehouse loading our archived info into a
there's no telling what else I'm liable to run into!!!

Thanks again everyone


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Subject: How do I read a tape tarred on HPUX

Hello fellow gurus,
I have a tape I believe was tarred on an HPUX 9.05 system.  I would like to
read this tape on my Solaris 8 system.  Performing a tar tv gives me the
# tar -tv
tar: directory checksum error

performing a tar xv gives me the same result.  Not sure if I can use dd to
extract the data, but when I do the following, I get the error given too.
# dd if=/dev/rmt/0m conv=swab | tar -xvf -
read: Not enough space
0+0 records in
0+0 records out
tar: blocksize = 0

Help please!!! 
Thanks in advance
Jeff Wimmer. 
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