SUMMARY: Solstice (Legato) Backup Index Inconsistencies

From: Tim Evans <>
Date: Mon Feb 24 2003 - 19:51:18 EST
Last week I asked:

>Before asking my question, does anyone know if the old Legato mailing
>list still exists?  Legato's site has no info about it.
>I have inconsistences between my media and data indices in Solstice Backup
>6.0.  The "Volumes" window shows save sets I want to recover, but the
>"Index" for the client shows nothing at all (though it does say the non-
>existent index occupies a good deal of space).  'nsrck' reports successful
>check of the client's index, and all the subdirectories are there in the
>/nsr/index/client-name directory tree.

First off, thanks to:

Rich Kulawiec <>
Stuart Whitby <>
Vic Engle <>
Paul Brna <>
Luc I. Suryo" <>

Per Stuart and Paul, the Legato mailing list is at:
Besides the usual you-should-have-bought-a-Toyota-and-then-your-Ford-
wouldn't-be-stranded-on-the-side-of-the-road (yes, I know some people
prefer Amanda, but tooting your horn as you blow by and telling me that
won't solve my problem), most folks suggested what we'd already tried:
rebuilding data and media indices with 'scanner.'

We ended up opening a trouble ticket with Sun on this one.  Turns out the
internal 'clientid' in the Solstice Backup/Legato media index (a 48-
character aphalanumeric (they look something like this:
4d4406a4-00000004-3c24918e-3c24918d-00010000-0ab10902) for the client
was not the same as the one viewable in the Clients window of the 
NetWorker GUI.  (This clientid can be extracted using the 'mminfo'
utility--see the man page.)

It would appear someone changed the client  name after its initial creation,
and the original never gets deleted from the media index.

To work around the problem, we created a new, bogus client, then cut-and-
pasted the real client's clientid into its creation window, then were able
to identify the Save Set ID's we needed to recover.  Then, using the
Solstice Backup command-line 'recover' utility, we were able to specify the
SSID's to recover.

We've not yet figured out a permanent fix to getting the client's clientid
fixed. (You can make up a clientid for a new client, but not change that
of an existing one.) We are pursuing an upgrade beyond 6.01, as Luc suggested.
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