SUMMARY: iPlanet Web Server 6.0 cannot change document root

From: Blair Rampling <>
Date: Mon Feb 24 2003 - 12:34:12 EST
I had two recommendations to manually edit the configuration files which is
something I had already tried. The configuration files were pointing to the
correct document root but the admin interface was still showing the incorrect
document root.

I ended up uninstalling Netscape web server 4.1 and deleting the entire
/usr/local/netscape directory then installing iPlanet 6.0. Once I did this
everything worked properly.

I still don't have an answer to why this happened on this one system and not
on the other two systems where I followed the same procedures.

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Blair Rampling

>>> "Blair Rampling" <> 02/17/03 09:46am >>>
I have three servers which all originally ran iPlanet Web Server 4.1. I have
installed iPlanet 6.0 to run in parallel with 4.1 in order to migrate the
sites over. iPlanet 4.1 was in /usr/local/netscape/server4 and 6.0 is in
/usr/iplanet/servers. Two of the servers worked normally and are using the
document root of /usr/iplanet/servers/docs. The third server, however, is
using /usr/local/netscape/server4/docs (the old document root) even though I
specified the new document root during setup. Even more strange is the fact
that when I try to change the document root of the default virtual server
class from the web interface and click Ok, the old document root is still
displayed when the page refreshes. I have tried reinstalling 6.0 and it still
does the same thing. The behavior does not happen on an identical server on
which I followed the same process.

Any ideas what's going on to make this one 6.0 instance use the old document
root and not allow me to change it? Thanks.

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Blair Rampling
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