SUMMARY: E3500 Boot disk replace

From: Thomas Carter <>
Date: Fri Feb 21 2003 - 14:38:08 EST
Thanks to the numerous replies, but I replaced the drive today and it was
easier than I thought, or had been led to believe. Many people pointed out
the luxadm command, but I didn't need to use it to replace this drive.
/etc/path_to_inst was also mentioned, as the WWN of the drives is listed
there, but the system took care of that for me.  What I did was:

1) Remove failed disk. It was mirrored via DiskSuite to another drive on
the upper drive shelf (different controller)
2) Inserted new disk. A message on the console stated that c0t0d0 had a new
3) Ran format to label and partition new disk
4) Ran installboot on new disk
5) Rebuilt mirrors
6) Changed boot-device with eeprom command to point to new disk's WWN

Except for #6, this was the same as swapping a SCSI disk in any other Sun
system, and Solaris took care of everything else for me.

Thanks for the replies,
Thomas Carter
MEMC Southwest

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I have an E3500 with mirrored OS disks running Solaris 8, and one of the
disks (c0t0d0) has failed. I would like to replace the disk on-line, and my
plan is as follows:

1) replace drive
2) devfsadm -c disk
3) partition new drive
4) recreate mirrors
5) run installboot on new drive
6) change boot device with eeprom (I believe the FC-AL WWN is part of the
boot path)

I have limited experience with FC-AL drives, and I would like to know if I
have missed anything, or if there are any differences between FC-AL and
SCSI that I should watch out for.

Thomas Carter
MEMC Southwest
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