SUMMARY: Replacement cooler for SunPCI II

From: Greg Polanski <>
Date: Fri Feb 21 2003 - 11:13:05 EST
I have replaced the fan for the CPU cooler on the SunPCI II
card.   I had to cut the fan portion off the plastic body
of the CPU cooler and epoxy the replacement fan in place.

Heilind electronics,, carries the
fan as part number, BFB0512HHA, Delta Fan,  $10.00

Neng Tyi offered to sell me replacement coolers for $15.00, ea.
60 items per box.

BFB0512HHA is the part number listed on the plastic body
of the CPU cooler.  However, the fan is molded into the
plastic part.  So, the steps are

1.	Disassemble the CPU cooler.  The plastic body
	is snapped onto the copper cooler, so it comes off.
	The lower plate of the fan cover also snaps on
	to the plastic body; 3 tabs are used.

2.	Cut off the fan portion of the plastic body.

3.	Butt the new fan body against the end of the plastic
	housing.  Epoxy a stiffener across the top and fillet
	the side joints for strength.

4.	Connect the red and black wires to the old connector.
	The blue wire, which may sense fan speed, is not on the
	replacement fan.  I do not think that it is used.
	I got no alarms when the fan failed for the first time.

5.	Clean the copper face and use new heat transfer grease.


Heilind Electronics	Part BFB0512HHA, Delta Fan,  $10.00
I contacted, 952.974.3888

Neng Tyi
Neng Tyi BFB0512HHA  Model MN01 cooler

Google also references

The SunPCI II card parts page is on sunsolve.

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