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Date: Fri Feb 21 2003 - 09:26:16 EST
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>    I'm having problems finding a LVD SCSI card for my 
>    SunFire280R. 2xUltraSPARC III 900MHz, Solaris 8.
>    I have tried the IntraServer-Ultra160 card, but this
>    does not work. Probably a UltraSPARC III issue (?).
>    Anyone aware of other LVD cards for this box??
>    Preferably a dual VHDCI card.


 o Sun X6758A
 o Antares (
 o HP/Compaq 64-Bit/66-MHz Dual Channel Wide Ultra3 SCSI Adapter  284688-B21

See also

It turned out that the firm that sold us the 280's 
forgot to install the drivers... I guess the card will
work once the correct drivers are installed..

Thanks a lot to all that responded!!

- Nils
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