SUMMARY: Changing SunScreen Default Security Policy

From: Javier Perez <>
Date: Thu Feb 20 2003 - 21:16:16 EST
Original Question:

I installed sunscreen lite in a solaris 8 i386 box,
and configured a default restrictive security policy,
but now I need to change it to permissive.

Thanks to  Peters, Michael D., Peter Ondruska and Paul

I was wrong at thinking that there was magic behind
the default security policy. The only thing that it
does is insert some rules in the Initial ruleset.

Permissive: 1 "common" "*" "*" ALLOW
Secure:     1 "common" "localhost" "*" ALLOW          
            2 "rip" "*" "*" ALLOW                     
Restrictive: (empty)

Setting manually the ruleset to the rules of the
desired level (as described above) will change the
so-called Default Security Policy.

Using the /opt/SUNWicg/SunScreen/bin/ss_install script
may help in the process but be careful, because the
previous rules will not be removed (you should purge
the ruleset first).

So probably the safer thing is change rules manually.


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