SUMMARY: run level questions

From: Gene Huft <>
Date: Wed Feb 19 2003 - 14:33:11 EST
I guess I opened up a pandora's box with this one, there seems to be a
lot of misunderstanding on how run levels in Solaris work. 

Some of that misunderstanding is from Sysadmins who've worked with both
HP-UX and Solaris, because HP-UX hits all the run levels on the way up
or down & Solaris does not. HP-UX's default run level is 4, so if the
system is booting to run level 4, the scripts in /sbin/rc1.d,
/sbin/rc2.d, /sbin/rc3.d, and /sbin/rc4.d will be executed.  

When going to a lower run level in Solaris (assuming you still have a
'default', /etc/inittab file!!), init will first execute the K scripts
in the run level directory you are going TO, then it will execute the S
scripts.  So when doing an init 0 from level 3, it will just do the K
and S scripts in rc0.d.  When going back up to level 3, the /sbin/rc3
script runs the scripts
in rc2.d and rc3.d (basically, rc2.d is considered a superset of rc3.d).
This is actually parsed from /etc/inittab entries:

s2:23:wait:/sbin/rc2                    >/dev/msglog 2<>/dev/msglog
s3:3:wait:/sbin/rc3                     >/dev/msglog 2<>/dev/msglog

Many thanks to all who replied!

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