SUMMARY: best disk layout w/smail disks (sol 8)

From: Kain, Becki (B.) <>
Date: Wed Feb 19 2003 - 12:55:10 EST
My Original post:

I did search the faq's first but didn't find anything on this. I have two
internal 2.1 gig drives, two external 2.1 gig drives (in seperate cases)
then 6 9 gig drives in one case on a Utra 1 (non-E).  I want to install
solaris 8 on this machine and wanted to know the most efficient setup for
the os.  I was thinking of / and swap on disk 1 of the internal, /usr and
/var on disk 2 of the internal and /usr/local on the first external because
this machine will have a lot of open source software installed and used on
it.  Is there a better way of laying these disks out?

Thank you to:
Mike's List
Frank Fvrster
John Julian
Dave Harrington
Stan Pietkiewicz
Karl Vogel

The consensus was that I was on the right track with this and to make swap
1.5 times of memory, if not more, depending on the applications that are
being run.  The swap partitions should also be on slice 0 of each disk, and
I should have swap spread out on at least 3 of the disks.  It was also
suggested to mount some or all of your drives with the "noatime" and
"logging" options to get a huge performance boost
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