SUMMARY: console server recommendation

From: Stoyan Angelov <>
Date: Wed Feb 19 2003 - 06:36:33 EST
hello all,

thanks to everyone for the responses! most of the people recommended
Cyclades-TS series, however other devices are also doing a great job.
here is a summary of all the answers i got:

1. CMS series of console servers from WTI,
   "relatively inexpensive, and do not send a break if powered off"
   thanks to: Steve Bablak

2. Cyclades-TS series,
   "It is build on a Linux platform and is easy to lock down... 
   Supports SSHv2 and Radius authentication for access into the Cyclade.
   We are happy with it.. Use is for our Sun and Linux serial consoles."
   thanks to: Mitchell D. Baker
   "I can highly recommend the Cyclades TS series servers.  
   They're Linux based internals so they're significantly cheaper than 
   the proprietary competitors. It suppors telnet/ssh authentication
   with local accounts or against an external radius server.  
   Direct connects. Grouping lets you split up who can access what 
   ports, like if you were sharing infrustructure and dev systems on
   one console server.  They are also cascadable so one Cyclades box
   (master) can be the point of entry to access any other cyclades 
   boxes you may have; they don't have to by physically connected."
   thanks to: Jon Godfrey

2a.Brian Sherwood mentioned about Cyclades: "I have been contacting
   Cyclades tech support for over a month now and the unit still
   does not work.  Their tech support is about the worst I have 
   ever seen."

3. "Be aware that many console servers are not sun-safe. Here's a link 
   with a list of sun-safe console servers: "
   thanks to: Paul Galjan

4. Lantronix CS800,
   "works excellent for me."
   thanks to: Masopust Christian

5. Lantronix ETS32PR,
   thanks to: Thomas Barth

6. Xyplex, "Very flexible, configurable etc."
   thanks to: Rob Legate

7. Cisco 2511, thanks to: Jon Polak

8., "this is quite easy to set up... and it's
   thanks to: Shal Halka

9. Lantronix Lightwave SCS1620, "it works very well and is easy
   (cheap) to cable using standard LAN cables. This is a Linux
   implementation and setup is "unixy". Alternately, the 
   Lantronix SCS1600, at half the price. Set up is through a
   web browser and is easier for Windows admins. Cabling is messy,
   using custom cabling."
   thanks to: Ken Wachtler

10. Avocsent CPS1600/1800, "Doing just great job."
    thanks to: Kumar, Dinesh M

11. thanks to Celeste Stokely for providing a link with a list of
    console servers and info for them:

12. "We use Lantronix Console server 3200s and like them very much." 
    thanks to: Ryan C. Anderson

Thanks also to: Angel L. Mateo Martmnez, Andrew Stueve, Steve Mickeler,
Mark Montague, Doug Winter, Roy Culley, Jem Richards, Geoff Wright,
Paul Greidanus, Jay Lessert and Rich Teer for the help with the IOLAN+

the IOLAN+ device that i had is working now. this was possible via
"reverse telnet or telnet listener". If someone needs more information
about setting up an IOLAN+ i will be happy to provide it.


wish you all the best.

Stoyan Angelov

my original question was:
> hello all,
> i want to be able to monitor/use the serial port of some of my
> rackmounted Sun servers. i need a console server to connect all the
> serial ports of the servers and access them over the LAN.
> can you please recommend a suitable device for use with Sun equipment?
> thank you for your time!
> Stoyan Angelov
> p.s: i have a "black box 8 port rack terminal server" (chase IOLAN+
> rack) but this seems to connect terminals to the lan... and i need the
> reverse. do you think i could use this device in some way?
> --
> Stoyan Angelov
> e-mail:

Stoyan Angelov
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