SUMMARY: Downgrade from E450 to e250]

From: Angel Alejandro Vega Soto <>
Date: Tue Feb 18 2003 - 17:37:52 EST
Thanks to several people answer my post and give me feedback.

Michael Morton
Tim Chipman
Dave Weis
Andres Martinez

Especially Joon Martin Hanses

The process was the one I descibe in the post (see below) plus very
valuable input from joon.
I must say that the mirror was not indeed a mirror it was a one way
mirror, only the devices names were changed to de sds device type.
(later on it was planned to create the 2 way mirror)

i remove the disks after rebooting on the same machine with the original
devices on the vfstab, remove the rootdev from the /etc/system, and the
kernel drivers from SDS, change the vfstab entries to match the devices
on the E250, insert the disks in the e250 and boot with.

ok boot -rav 

and thatis it, is fully functional, thanks to the list ! 
Subject: Downgrade from E450 to e250
From: Angel Alejandro Vega Soto <>
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Hello managers,I have to do the following task, I would like you input 
to see if I miss something.

I have a E450 running Solaris 7, and SDS which was used to create the 
one way mirror of the filesysems, This has 4 disks on it. I have to use
this machine for something else and the two environments can not coexist
on the same machine.
Now I have a e250 which is not being used and I can use it, the disks
are usable on both platforms, I dont want to reinstall everthing again.
So I want to move the disks from the 450 to 250 and boot, Solaris wasa
installed fully with OEM , so the kernel drivers for the E250 must be
I plan to move the vfstab entries containing the sds volumes to the
original cWtXdysZ , reboot in the same 450 and should boot without
problems, right ? then move the disks to the E250 and boot from the
CDROM mount the root fs and change the vfstab to the according devices
on the e250.. this in theory should work, anything else that I'm missing
? any suggestion ? commentary ?

I Will Summarize ! 
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