Summary: UFS Vs Vxfs

From: himanshukhona <>
Date: Sat Feb 15 2003 - 06:00:39 EST
Hey all, Here is the summary of what the group's opinion is: 




UFS is a derivative of the                          
Berkeley fast                                            
filesystem and is allocated             
in cylinder groups. Clusters of data 
are grouped together in blocks
using pointers of indirection called inodes.
The allocation is random based on free space availability.

VxFS is an extent based, logging filesystem. Files are allocated as
one or more adjacent blocks on disk. The larger the file, the bigger
the advantage to this because the entire file can be allocated
contiguously (assuming there is space available) which makes for very
fast access on read. VxFS is typically faster in real usage and
faster during a crash recovery. VxFS requires periodic defragmentation
(depending on frequency and type of usage).

Can be grown on the fly

Can be grown as well as shrunk on the fly

Logging can be enabled on the UFS

Intent logging minimizes system downtime after abnormal shutdowns by logging filesystem transactions. Intent logging is a circular logging scheme that records pending changes to the filesystem structure.

sync-on-close option not available

Sync-on-close option available(i.e. the data is flushed on the disk as soon as file is closed)

Disk space overhead for inodes

Uses vector algorithm to keep the starting block number &amp; number of blocks allocated thus no need of tracking each block allocation.

Fragmentation overheads are minimal

Fragmentation overhead are quite high. In the newest version a better algorithm minimizes the same

Only one logging option

Multiple logging options. You can choose them to suit your system/application availability.
 If you don't have to spend then use UFS with logging. But VxFS is quite flexible &amp; better overall as compared to UFS.
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