SUMMARY Scripts for SUNWExplorer output

From: Eric Falen <>
Date: Fri Feb 14 2003 - 15:34:23 EST
Original request is listed at the bottom

Thanks for the great response from the list!!.  Two folks provided some
perl scripts (atleast volunteered to let me have them).  A couple
suggested that I contact Sun Support and try to get them to provide
their capability.  One suggested that I look at the Config Management
S/W that Sun has.  Another provided a third party to look at.  Another
suggested just sending it to Sun, they reformat it and return it to him
in a more usable form.

I am working on the perl scripts to fit my site.  I did contact Sun and
they were not interested in giving me anything ( sent the request on up
through the mangement ranks, maybe someone on top will have better
luck).  Sun's Stuff is NOT cheep enough.  I am reviewing the information
from the third party vendor and will probably contact them for more
information.  Due to my environment, sending anything outside the plant
is not a option.

I have listed the responders and their comments below


     I realize this probably isn't what you're wanting to do, but we run
Explorer and e-mail the output to our local Sun SSE.  He runs it through

some sort of "magic decoder ring" that's a Sun internal program, and
which produces an extremely nicely formatted html document outlining
problems, patches needed, etc.  He then e-mails me the html doc, and we
take it from there.  HTH...

Kevin Buterbaugh - Systems Engineer


        Eric Falen <>
I wrote 2 tools (perl scripts)
One to extract the files from the compressed result of explorer,
One to add some indexes around , making browsing around easier, and
sorting patches and packages
all the result are accessed via an http server.
you can find these scripts here:

I will try to put a sample result in my personnal pages tomorrow

        Bertrand HUTIN <>
I have a solution hacked together Perl scripts which downloads (from a
account), uncompresses and extracts all the files to a directory runs
through them all and generates some index stuff, runs  the SUN
utility  and create some data files then  using mod_perl on apache
them I am happy to send you the scripts but basically you are on your
Nigel Owen
Enterprise Networks & eBusiness



  Have you taken a look at the Enterprise Storage Manager (ESM)
  from Sun. It includes a configuration service, topology reporter,
  and a diagnostic expert. I run the product on a small SAN network
  of about 14 systems. It allows me to track the topology and sends
  me health checks about the environment.
        "Martin D. Baldenegro (RRNC)" <>

This isn't quite what you're looking for, but it may come in handy....

The audit and differential reports are great.
Adam Ronthal


contact sun.  with all the server that you have that are under a
warranty or service contract, sum have let you have the program they
use to interpret the data.
        Hichael Morton <>


Try the following commands:
psrinfo -v
prtdiag -v
showrev -p
uname -a
df -k

That should give you a good bit of data to start with.  :-)

             Matt Harris <>
             Smithsonian Institution - UNIX Engineering


> I am currently setting up a customer with quite a few Sun 880's,
> and 6800's.  I am trying to setup some type of configuration
> for about 200 servers broken into three general groups.  Security
> constraints keep each group isolated from the others.
> It appears that the Sun Explorer capability collects all the relevant
> data that I would need to accomplish this goal.  However, the amount
> data it collects is staggering.  And each section is in a format that
> best suits that piece of data.
> I am wondering if anyone has developed any scripts that would sort
> through the data and produce a ( set of ) report(s) that summarize the

> contents.   I have checked this list archives, Sun, and google and
> not found anything.  I did see one similiar request, but no summary.
> When I treid to contact the author, my mail was returned ( his mail
> was full ??? )
> Obviously genrally available scripts would nice.  If you knew of a
> third party solution I would be interested in it.  If you use one
> you comment on the administration side of getting it set up and
> Thanks in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide.
> I will summarize
> Eric Falen
> Sys Admin
> Raytheon, Garland TX
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