SUMMARY: Crontab Failure

From: Fiengo, Paul (Contractor) <>
Date: Wed Feb 12 2003 - 18:42:31 EST

I got the information simultaneously as Mr. Kail was sending it to me.  Sun
has a requisite patch number 108875-13 that must be installed at when
109007-08 or -09 are installed.

Thanks for the help,


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Subject: Crontab Failure


I am back again with an error message I've never seen before.  I seem to
remember that someone may have posted a message in the very recent past
about a patch that messed up cron.  So if this is the same, please forgive
me.  I didn't find this in the archives.  My details are Solaris 8 running
on a SunFire 280R.  The error message appears when I try to open the root
crontab with either a -e or -l option and is as follows: crontab: fatal: relocation error: file crontab: symbol
audit_crontab_not_allowed:  referenced symbol not found

Please tell me what this means.  This is a new build.  Just patched with the
latest.  I've never seen this in the past so I'm not sure what it is.  Thank
you for all your help.  I will summarize.

Paul Fiengo
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