Summary; difference bt runleve s/S and 1

From: Vaidya, Maulik <>
Date: Wed Feb 12 2003 - 17:50:07 EST
Thanks to responses from Alan Poe and Walt Sullivan 
To summarize, from whatever i understand

Init state s and S are exactly the same. Both S/s and 1 are essentially the
same single user adminstration states but the difference lies in the
scenario wherein they are invoked. Commonly to perform system adminstration
tasks on a running system, init 1 would be invoked, but if the system needs
booting up from an external source for system adminstration purposes, then
init s/S would be invoked. If the /etc/inittab file is bad, the system would
boot up into Single user S/s run level, and not 1 because to change to level
1 it does require a correct /etc/inittab file 

Hope the summary is helpful

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Subject: difference bt runleve s/S and 1

Hello gurus,

quick question... i consulted lots of documentations but the difference
between runlevel s and 1(Solaris 8.0) is still not clear to me.... any
explanations are very much appreciated

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