SUMMARY: Update PROM? Huh?

From: Christian Campbell <>
Date: Wed Feb 12 2003 - 15:57:30 EST
Thanks to:
Casper Dik
Paul Galjan
Andy Yother

(Initial question at bottom of email.)

Seems that the PROM upgrade is "normal" and I need to apply patch 106122-xx.
Why this is just happening now is still a mystery to me.

As far as the "swap:  getexecname() failed" message, I was slightly off
base.  Although it could have been caused my a malformed vfstab file, it
turns out it occurred during my cpio of my filesystem.  The command "find .
-mount -print | cpio -pdmuV /mnt" was used.  The "-mount" option, which
tells find not to follow mount points, did not copy the /proc and /dev/fs
directories on to my target drive.  Once I created those, Solaris ceased
being grumpy.

Thanks to all...


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Recently I posted a summary in reference to cloning my boot disks.  I have
just completed the cloning using David Glass's technique (mounting
filesystems and using cpio), installed the boot-block and to test, restarted
the system on the new clone.

I have two immediate issues on boot:

1)  I get a "swap:  getexecname() failed".  I'm pretty sure this has to do
with a messed up vfstab.  I'll have to look at it, AFTER I get by problem

2)  The system is asking me, if I want to update my PROM.  It's also
spouting of saying that if I don't, I won't be able to run 64-bit apps,
although my 32-bit apps will run fine.  This is the first time I've seen
this.  Originally, this E450 was a 2.6 installation that I've upgraded to
2.8 and just now cloned.

Please help...
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