SUMMARY: Cloning a disk/server

From: Christian Campbell <>
Date: Wed Feb 12 2003 - 09:55:18 EST
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Many suggested using dd to make a copy of my disk, and using sys-unconfig to
reconfigure the OS.  Some thought sys-unconfig did a reconfiguration boot,
and others suggested just doing it outright from the {ok} prompt using 'boot
-r".  Doing a 'touch /reconfigure' was also suggested.  Some speculated that
doing the reconfiguration boot would sort out the differences in respect to
having different graphics cards (Although I don't know how that effects
ufsdump/ufsrestore was suggested as well as using flash archive, as I'm
using Solaris 8.
Finally, I was reminded that if I copied the disk, that I need to make the
disk bootable.  I found an old sunmanagers post with the the command: 
installboot /usr/platform`uname -i`/lib/fs/ufs/bootblk /dev/rdsk/c0t1d0s0
Thanks to all...
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I have two E450s which I would like to be identical. Machine A is the
source, machine B is the destination. Machine A is running Solaris 2.8. I
would like to clone the boot disk and install it in machine B and then run
sys-unconfig to reconfigure. The only difference between the two machines is
that machine A has a PGX32 video card in it. I'm unsure of the type of video
in machine B, but I know it is not a PGX32. Machine A is a 4-way 400Mhz w/
4GB RAM. Machine B is a 4-way 300Mhz with 2GB RAM. Machine A has a mirrored
boot disk (using DiskSuite), but I will unencapsulate before the "cloning".
Other than that, both machines are identical in respect to hardware.

Is this feasable, and how would you recommend that I accomplish this? 

Thanks. Will summarize.

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