SUMMARY: ftp over serial ?

From: Gabel Martin <>
Date: Wed Feb 12 2003 - 03:31:20 EST
Thanks to all who have replied (too much to mentioned here ;-))

However, most of you suggested to use one of the modem protokolls. So finaly
we setup kermit and transfered the files 
using the good old modem protokoll. Ftp will not quite work over a serial
line since it needs tcp/ip so some people suggested to 
setup ppp.


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Subject: ftp over serial ??

Hi everybody,

I colleague of mine just called me for a quite tricky question.
He's attached to a Sun Fire 4800 using a serial connection to his win
Now, he wants to copy several files to his laptop over the serial line. He
asked me if it is possible via ftp. (Is it possible to tell the ftp deamon
to interwork over serial)
I told him to use "tip" but I don't know about the settings.

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