SUMMARY: invisible A1000 after Sol26 to Sol8 upgrade

From: Geoff Lane <>
Date: Tue Feb 11 2003 - 04:50:35 EST
The most popular suggestion was to copy /kernel/drv/sd.conf from old system
to new.	  This had no effect - even though the contents were different
The solution that worked was suggested by himanshukhona - run devfsadm.

	# devfsadm -C -v -c disk

It made a number of changes to the device tree after which format could see
the missing A1000 again (though at a different location than the Sol5.6

Thanks for all the suggestions.

> I'm in the process of upgrading a Solaris 2.6 system using five A1000 disk
> arrays to Solaris 8.  In preparation, I applied the recommended patches and
> then upgraded the Sol 2.6 Raid Manager to 6.22.1 (including the necessary
> firmware upgrades to all A1000s.) This went without problems - all the
> A1000s continued to be available.
> The next step was to clone the Sol 2.6 system using Live Upgrade, then
> upgrade the clone to Sol 8, then apply the recommended patches.  When this
> upgraded system is booted, one of the A1000s is not visible to the operating
> system. RM can see the device fine and reports no problems; format cannot
> see the device and it cannot be mounted.
> On rebooting Sol 2.6, the missing A1000 can be seen again.
> I've tried multiple reconfiguration reboots, running hot_add and anything
> that seemed relevant from the RM admin and user guides.
> The next thing I'm going to try is completely deleting /dev and /devices on
> the Sol8 system and performing a reconfiguration reboot to rebuild the
> device tree.  If that fails to fix the problem, I'm going to reluctantly
> apply patches 112125-6 and 112126-06 which address similar symptoms but I
> suspect are not relevant as I can see all the devices under Sol 2.6.

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