From: Christophe Dupre <>
Date: Tue Feb 11 2003 - 00:04:33 EST
It appears that these should work, but would not be covered by Sun support
(obviously). However, I was able to get low-price refurb Sun-brand GBIC,
so that's what I went with.

Thanks for all the answers.

On Wed, 29 Jan 2003, Christophe Dupre wrote:

> Hello gurus,
> I have a Sun E3500 with four SBus I/O boards. Each has two FC-AL adaptors
> with the slot for a GBIC. One of those is in use for the internal hard
> drives.
> We are planning on buying an external 3rd party FCAL disk array. Since
> Sun's GBIC is expensive ($360) we're looking at 3rd party options.
> One of those is the GBC-3000 from CS Electronics
> ( which is $175. We have done
> business with that company in the past for SCSI adaptors and were always
> very happy with the quality, but fibre channel is still new to us.
> So, the questions are:
> - Is there any reason for it not to work ?
> - Is there any difference between a FCAL GBIC and a Gig Ethernet GBIC ?

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