SUMMARY: Jumpstart rules not seen by install client

From: alex avriette <>
Date: Sat Feb 08 2003 - 20:04:39 EST
Hi, Folks. I asked, originally,

> what file is it looking for?
> does my rules file do what it looks like it does?
> what are the keys for
> 	subnet mask?
> 	router ip address?
> 	nameserver ip(s)?
> can i make it go 100% automatic and just not care about terminal type
> and stuff, or do i have to watch that?

The answers to these questions, fielded by Dave Dunaway, Max Trummer, 
Darren Dunham, Chris Pinnock, Sean Quaint, Brooke King, Casper Dik, and 
Steve Camp, were thus:

It is looking for 'rules.ok' in the root of the directory you are 
specifying with the -c flag to add_install_client.

The rules file was correct. The client profile was also correct.

The subnet mask, router ip address, and nameserver ip's are set within 
the network_interface directive in the sysidcfg. Darren and others 
pointed out that the sysidcfg parameter to add_install_client actually 
points to the *directory* sysidcfg lives in.

It seems that in fact it can be made almost 100% automatic. At present, 
I have it only asking me whether the time is correct and to hit esc-2 
to let it know I understand I won't be able to use the keyboard. Sigh.

The command issued to make it work properly was thus:

[minotaur:/mnt/jumpstart_sol9] alex% sudo 
./Solaris_9/Tools/add_install_client -c minotaur-i:/mnt/jumpstart_sol9 
-p minotaur-i:/mnt/jumpstart_sol9/Sysidcfg/stink stink sun4u

Max pointed me to the Sun "Blueprints" Jumpstart book, which makes the 
excellent suggestion of a Profiles/ and a Sysidcfg/ directory. In this 
case, I have Profiles/stink.profile and Sysidcfg/stink/sysidcfg. This 
is highly organized and scalable. That book was highly useful in 
getting this set up, I highly recommend it to anyone. Thanks, Max.

One additional thing. Everyone seemed to know about the 
add_install_client(1M) and sysidcfg(4) manpages except me. Oops. Those 
were fairly useful.

I put my profile and sysidcfg online, should anyone need them.

Thanks, folks.
Alex Avriette

alex avriette
$^X is my programming language of choice.
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