SUMMARY KRPC: record fragment from client of size(24816) exceeds maximum (9000) ...

From: Ken Wachtler <>
Date: Thu Feb 06 2003 - 12:11:40 EST
This error occurs on the NFS server:
"KRPC: record fragment from client of size(24816) exceeds maximum (9000)


KRPC is Kernel Remote Procedure Call. NFS runs on top of KRPC. The boot up
error (KRPC: record fragment ...) is caused by an NFS client continueing to
send NFS requests after the NFS server has dead-locked and been rebooted.

The quick fix is to boot the server single user, then disable the NFS server
daemons from starting up (/etc/rc3.d/S15nfs.server or similar). The next
step is to find the NFS client that is hitting your server (look for "NFS
server not responding" messages). This client is still sending NFS requests.
These requests are what is causing the KRPC errors on the NFS server. Reboot
the NFS client to clear the NFS connection and stop the requests. Now the
NFS server daemons can be started.

The big question is why the NFS server deadlocked in the first place. The
deadlocks typically occur at the front of heavy NFS activity (unzipping
Oracle 11i install files in an NFS mount). I have worked with Sun TS, but
was not able to resolve, our work-around is to stop using NFS for large data
transfers (sustained 20-30mb/s per NFS stream). We tested at VxFS 3.5 and
the problem did NOT occur. 

You can find some related info on Sunsolve: Sun Alert 41940, Bug IDs
4314558, 4385671, the 'general' NFS patch (108727), the 'nfssvr' patch
(112220), rpcmod patch (108901), and VxFS 3.4 patch (110435).
My specific problem was logged as Bug ID 4794418 and Sun Service Case #

Thx to all,
Ken Wachtler
Midwave Corp

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KRPC: record fragment from client of size(24816) exceeds maximum (9000) ... 
Ken Wachtler 
Sun Nov 10 09:59:06 2002 

I am getting this KRPC error when booting up, right after the login prompt.
The system hangs and must be power cycled, but then it happens all over

Config details:
  Solaris 8 2/02
  Rec Cluster Oct/02/02 (includes 108727-18)
  ce patch 111792-05
  VxVM 3.2 and patch
  VxFS 3.4 and patch
  EMC PowerPath 3.0.2
  Emulex LP9002L-E with driver 5.01a
  Using "onboard" 10/100/1000 ce0 at Gigabit speed
  Initial failure occured during a large, long running, NFS write.

Full error:
devapp console login: Nov  8 17:00:29 devapp rpcmod: NOTICE: KRPC: record
fragment from client of size(24816) exceeds maximum (9000). Fragment header
was 0x80008080. Disconnecting
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