SUMMARY: Solaris8 on SS5?

From: Surya Challa <>
Date: Wed Feb 05 2003 - 08:55:26 EST
Thanks to Everyone who replied. I had to create the root partition
within the first 2GB mark of the 36GB disk.

Casper Dick
> the slice must be before the 1GB mark.
> It's more likely actually 2GB as you have an SS5: note that 2.5 is an
> release than 2.15.
> The solaris FAQ says:

> 5.63) I installed Solaris on a new/big disk, but now booting fails.

>    Due to limitations in Openboot PROMs, you can't boot any of the
>    SPARCs (sun4c, sun4m, sun4d) from a root partition that has parts
>    beyond the 2GB mark on a SCSI disk.

>    On systems with really old PROMs (revision 2.5 or less) you need to
>    make the root partition smaller than 1GB.

system administration account
> Yes, it's possible (32-bit mode only; 64-bit Solaris only runs on
> What's the size of the root partition? Make sure it doesn't exceed
> I think there is a limitation in OBP 2.x that makes it unable to
> address more than 2GB of the boot disk. Once the OE is booted there
> should be no problem accessing the rest of the disk; so if you split
> off /usr and/or /var and/or /opt from the root partition you should be
> I don't think you can (upgrade OBP). OBP 2.x upgrades involve
> changing the PROM (no flashing possible), and 2.15 may well be the
> latest already.

> I have several SS5 with Solaris8 running.  I have even loaded it on a
32 MB
> RAM machine and it will run - not fast, but it will run.  I suggest
> it only with machines with at least the 64 MB the
> docs suggest, but since we just use our SS5 as glorified X-terminals,
> works for me on 32MB.

Peter Ganthavorn
> not only sol8 works, sol 9 works as well. on ss5.

Luc I. Suryo
> The boot process will see that the cpu is not capable of a 64 bits
> and will not install the 64 bits kernel.. so you should be fine. In
> fact i had a SS5 running Solaris 8 for over 3 years, it now runs
Solaris 9 ;)
> nb: just make sure you DO NOT click/select to install the 64bits
> application, during the process you will see it and if you choose to
> install some addtional pkgs manually make sure they are not 64bits

Zaigui Wang
> It should be OK. I have solaris 8 running on a SS2. I jumpstarted it
> did not run into any problem.
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