SUMMARY: Cron and forcing the use of ksh - FOLLOWUP

From: James S. Siojo <>
Date: Mon Feb 03 2003 - 02:06:32 EST

Sorry for the late summary but I received so many responses that it took 
awhile to filter through a lot of them.  This list is great.  Although I 
got many responses, special thanks go to:

Darren Dunham
Tristan Ball
Brett Lymn

All of them forced me to revisit how PATH was set when running under 
cron despite my insistence that it was configured correctly.   Although 
I still don't understand why, PATH loses a portion of its' "path" at 
some point in the cron process.  I created a small script that resets 
PATH correctly to the same value that is normally found when executing 
the command from the korn shell command line.  This solves the problem.

All is well again.

Thanks again.
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