SUMMARY: moving drives from one E450 to another ... Oracle is toastDate:

From: Andre R. Kruger <>
Date: Sat Feb 01 2003 - 07:27:50 EST
Thanks to all that responded so quickly.  
Casper Dik correctly pointed out that I had booted with a 32 bit kernel
instead of a 64 kit kernel.   The new 450 had a pointer to the 32 bit
kernel set in the boot-file parameter in the eeprom.   Clearing this out
so that the machine would use the default or setting this parameter for
the 64 bit kernel allowed me to bring Oracle back online ....

And this is why Solaris is great ... good community support and I don't
have to spend the next year of my life fixing a database ... 

Once again thanks to all. 
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