SUMMARY: CDE action problem

From: <>
Date: Fri Jan 31 2003 - 11:12:15 EST
I recieved only one reply to my query regarding CDE actions. Alan Pae
suggested running the target script on server1 instead of server2.
Unfortunately, due to the system configuration and the way the script has
been written, this is not possible.

Since my original post I've done some more investigative work and I think
the problem is either being produced by, or is  a by-product of, the dtspc
daemon because the error message appears in $HOME/.dt/errorlog. I tried
truss'ing the invocation of dtaction but this didn't really reveal anything

I will post an updated summary if I find a solution to this problem.


My original question was:

Hello gurus,

We are experiencing a problem with a custom CDE action under Solaris 8 on
two of our Sun Fire 280R servers. The action is as shown below (start-appl
and archive_month are both bespoke shell scripts):

ACTION dummyName
	LABEL			Archive Historical Collection
	EXEC_HOST		server2
	EXEC_STRING		start-appl -r archive_month \
                                   -w \
                                   -t %LocalHost% \
                                   -m %(String)Arg_1"Month (YYYYMM)"%
	DESCRIPTION		Archive Historical Collection

When this action is initiated on server2 everything is fine and it does what
we expect. However, if we try to start it from server1 we get the following

"An attempt to change to the following directory:


 from host 'server2' failed.
 Check the spelling and permissions and be sure the directory exists."

<dir> is always the current directory. I'm sure the reason for this is very
straight forward but I have been unable to find any useful information
anywhere else. This action has worked previously on an older system (Solaris
2.6 running on Sun Ultra 1's) so we're at a bit of a loss as to why it
doesn't work now.

Any help gratefully received,
I will summarise.
Many thanks,


Chris Young
EDS Defence Ltd.
Tel.  : +44 (0)1256 742235
Fax.  : +44 (0)1256 742727
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