SUMMARY: process discovering

From: Siert Zijl <>
Date: Sat Jan 25 2003 - 19:47:33 EST
On Wed, 22 Jan 2003, Siert Zijl wrote:
|On one of my machines a process is trying to sent data to a specific ip
|I found the port and ip address with snoop, but now I'm wondering how I
|am able to find the process sending the data to that specific IP.

First of all: many thanks to all the people responding to my question.

Almost everybody recommed lsof to trace the PID. In my case it would become:
 # lsof -i tcp | grep port
 # lsof -i :port
I am familiar with lsof, but since the data was sent only four times a minute
(very quickly) and lsof is quiet slow on the appropriate machine, it still
didn't work out for me.

Robert Milkowski came with a very nice solution:
 # ps -ef|awk '{print "pfiles "$2}'|bash >/tmp/pfile.out

Running that command in a while loop for several minutes finally helped me out:
 # while true ; do ps -ef|awk '{print "pfiles "$2}'|bash >>/tmp/pfile.out ; done

Once again; many thanks for all the replies.

With kind regards, Siert Zijl
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