SUMMARY: stat errors on NFS mounted filesystem.

From: Brian Chase <>
Date: Fri Jan 24 2003 - 20:09:55 EST
The files in question have timestamps that fall out of the standard Unix
time_t range.  Under IRIX the dates showed up as sometime in the year
1940.  Using the touch command on the affected files to update their
timestamps fixed the problem.

Thanks to Thomas Wardman for the quick response.


On Fri, 24 Jan 2003, Brian Chase wrote:

> I've got some strange errors showing up with some of my files on NFS
> automounted filesystems.  My NFS client system is a V880 running Solaris
> 8.0.  The NFS fileserver is a NetApp.
> My application reports the following error:
>   ERR - Cannot lstat64 Session 3/Rayne.sp.bac. \
>     Errno = 79: Value too large for defined data type
> If I got to the directory where the file resides and try to ls or cat
> it, I get the following errors:
>   $ cat Rayne.sp.bac
>   cat: cannot stat Rayne.sp.bac
>   $ ls -l Rayne.sp.bac
>   Rayne.sp.bac: Value too large for defined data type
> It's a tiny little 4KB text file.  Also, I've got some SGI IRIX 6.5
> clients that can see the same files without any problem.  I don't have
> any other Solaris systems to use as a cross check, but I suspect this is
> something specific to the current state of my Solaris NFS client system.
> I'm inclined to manually unmount and remount the filesystem, but I can't
> and won't be able to for some time.
> Can anyone offer me some insights into this problem?
> Thanks.
> -brian.
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