SUMMARY - Help with A1000 attached to two systems

From: Peter Stokes <>
Date: Thu Jan 23 2003 - 11:34:29 EST
Hi All

Most of the answer is contained in this archive

Thanks to Adam Mazza, for the link.

I received answers from many others including those who have successfully
tried it, too many to list, but thanks to you for your time and input.

The bottom line is that it works fine providing you do not try to mount any
one partition on both systems at the same time. It was also suggested to
load the RSM software on both systems.

Thanks again.


Original Question

On Fri, 17 Jan 2003, Peter Stokes wrote:

> Hi All
> Can you help with a proposed config for a customer.
> They want to provide access to a single A1000 from two systems. The
> is to connect both systems via SCSI diff controller to the same ports on
> A1000. Then allocate two LUN's on the A1000, one which will be used by
> system. In the event of system failure, the other one can access both
> and access all of the data.
> The problems as I see it are as follows, any suggestions/experiances will
> well received.
> 1) The second system requires that the SCSI id of the diff card be set to
> value different to 7 of the first system as they are all connecting to the
> same port on the A1000. Anyone help with changing this via the OBP?
> 2) There is an assumption that the setup of the A1000 into two LUN's is
> possible and that they are accessible as if they are two separate disks to
> the SCSI I/F. IE you can see two disks if you use probe-scsi-all. I have
> setup an A1000, so am unsure if this is possible.
> Thanks for your replies.
> Peter
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