SUMMARY: Raid 5 thru Disksuite

From: Boris Gegenheimer <>
Date: Thu Jan 23 2003 - 06:24:20 EST
Hello all managers
Well thx to all the people that gave me valuable advise i'd like to mention
Stefaan Margot
John Riddock
Octave Orgeron
Adam Levin
Joe Fletcher
Kevin Buterbaugh
Basically the answers were the same that if you use that much data so dont
use RAID 5.
The suggestions were to use HW raid or use RAID 0 or the same with
Because the security of the disks are not important to me because everything
is copied to tape the day after i went for the RAID 0 config.
I made to filesystems consisting of four disks each that is working for now.
The problems i now have are with rsync.
But the performance increase was very good about 4 times the original speed.
So thank you again for the advise.
Boris Gegenheimer
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