SUMMARY : Banner page removal for long printernames

From: Suhas BHIDE <>
Date: Wed Jan 22 2003 - 21:21:18 EST
Summary for the above.

My original mail was:


Unix supports printer-name upto 14 characters. We have corporate naming
for printers which will include the subsidiary,location and dept name. This
causes some
printer names to be more than 14 characters. I cannot create them thru
jetadmin as the
limit on printer names is 14 char.

Hence, I used ".printers" file which allows you to have an alias name for
printers which
can be more than 14 char.

Now my problem is how to disable banner page. For printer names less than
or equal
to 14 char, I can disable banner thru jetadmin. But, for the alias names, I
cannot. I have
tried using "lpadmin -o nobanner" option for them but does not work.


This problem happens if the printer is added with the hardware address.
i.e. I added the IP address in /etc/hosts for the print server and then
added the printer
with Banner = No. then created an alias (with alias name more than 14
char). Then if
I print to this alias, I get banner page which cannot be disabled.

Now, if I add the original printer in way where it adds the entry in
/etc/bootptab and
then print to the alias of this printer, I discovered that the banner page
goes away.

Problem solved.

I thank all those who tried to help me out.

Regards...Suhas Bhide
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