SUMMARY: Create stipe-mirror in Veritas

From: Hunt, Neil <>
Date: Wed Jan 22 2003 - 18:49:10 EST
G'day folks,
Well it seems my estimates were many hours off.  General consensus was
that this was a very fast process.  In the order of minutes rather than
Many thanks to the replies I got:
Riddoch, John E SITI-ITDPEG
Joe Fletcher
Mohan Doraiswamy
Jay Lessert

Best response I got included a quick and dirty URL (my kind.. )



G'day all,
I have a V880 with 12 36G disks, 6 internal and 6 in a D2, that a client
want to create a striped mirror across 10 of.  What I want to know is
about how long this will take?

Sunfire V880
2x 750Mhz CPU

Many thanks

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