SUMMARY: Is the sendmail daemon a requirement for running mailtool?

From: Dave Martini <>
Date: Wed Jan 22 2003 - 14:13:41 EST
My original question:
I just upgraded to Solaris 9 and noticed that I can't send mail 
> unless the sendmail daemon is running. Is this a requirement? 
> I get a message "An Error Occured when trying to send your message" 

The response I got from Rich Kulawiec summed it up.

Mailtool is a MUA (mail user agent): you can used it to read, compose,
and send mail.  (Other MUAs: mutt, "Berkeley mail", pine.)

Sendmail is a MTA (mail transport agent): it actually sends and
receives mail from one machine to another.  (Other MTAs: postfix,

The problem is that your instance of mailtool has no MTA to talk
to.  Since mailtool is a MUA and has no idea how to actually
send mail anywhere -- since it expects to hand it to a MTA --
you'll need to either (a) run a MTA or (b) configure your system
to immediately hand it off to a MTA running on another machine.

It's probably much easier to do (a), using a very minimal
configuration -- what sendmail folks call a "smarthost' config.
This means that your system will run just enough of a MTA
to hand mail off to a system running a real full-fledged MTA --
which in turn will actually do the real work.

Dave Martini
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