SUMMARY: Accessing NFS directory slows machine down

From: Alan Bradley - CPX WC <>
Date: Wed Jan 22 2003 - 02:00:46 EST

Thanks to everyone who responded, including Michael Kiernan, Brett Lymn, AP,

I had a number of suggestions such as:

Option 1 use UDP and NFS Version 2
abcd:/db2/temp/share  /db2/temp/share  nfs  rw,bg,vers=2,proto=udp

Option 2 reduce the write packets size std=32k
abcd:/db2/temp/share  /db2/temp/share  nfs  rw,bg,wsize=8192

Check out all the options in man page
$ man mount_ufs


The best policy in this situation is to try all combinations and
see which works best for your server/network/client So:

(try also proto=udp if the network path is short and reliable)

maybe also try:

benchmark with something like:
timex dd if=/dev/zero of=/nfsmnt/out bs=1024k count=1024

In the end, I created a cache-fs which seems to have gone some way towards
helping the situation.


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Subject: Accessing NFS directory slows machine down

Hi All,

I have an NFS file system mounted from one sun server to another one.

The mount line in /etc/mnttab is as follows:

abcd:/db2/temp/share  /db2/temp/share  nfs  rw,bg,dev=4712305  1042098734

I have 2 other read only filesystems that are also mounted from server abcd
that are performing fine.

When I copy data to the one mounted rw, the whole server slows down.  Does
anyone have any suggestions or ideas?  Do I need to specify particular
parameters when doing the mount?

I will summarise.

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