SUMMARY: Solaris 9 Booting From Slice 1

From: <>
Date: Tue Jan 21 2003 - 10:20:23 EST
Ok, after going back and not pressing the F2 key so quickly, I found you can select a boot disk (F4), in this option you can select what slice you want to boot from (ie. slice 1 in my case). This must be done before you manually layout the disk slices.

Thanks for the help........ 

> I usually set swap on slice 0 starting at Cyl 0 to Cyl xxx.....
> Now in Solaris 9, I can't do this for some reason. Does root have to be on slice 0 starting at Cyl 0??? Is there a way, or is this not possible with Solaris 9 12/02.
> Thanks
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