SUMMARY: How to send STOP-A signal with KVM

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Date: Tue Jan 21 2003 - 04:42:14 EST
Thanks all of your kindly help, 

Neil Hunt
Kubde, Sandesh
Rich Teer
Broun, Bevan
Steve Chapman
Golliher, Blake
Adnan, Sarkar
Cian O'Sullivan
Steve Wills
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Juergen Waiblinger
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Darren Dunham
Most answer is using "Ctrl+Brk", but  it's not just fit for ATEN CV-130
converter . The SUN keyboard emulated by PS/2 keyboard is shown as below
referenced by the ATEN manul,

	Win Keyboard			Sun Keyboard
	Right_Ctrl & F1			Stop
	Right_Ctrl & F2			Again

Really thanks a lot !!!

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Subject: How to send STOP-A signal with KVM

Hi all,

How to send STOP-A signal through KVM(D-Link,DKVM-8) console using PS/2
keyboard, which there are no such function keys as SUN's keyboard are. I
do need your help, any suggestion are greate appreciated ! :)

Thanks & Best Regards,
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