SUMMARY NIS master/slave weirdness

From: Koos van den Hout <>
Date: Mon Jan 20 2003 - 04:05:52 EST
My question:

> Executive summary:
> I made a mistake on a NIS slave, which turned it into a master, and now the
> only way to force it back into slave mode is to make it a client of the
> master and not if itself. Which is not too good performance wise since it
> is also a mailserver.

Thanks to:

Dennis F. Morse
Luc I. Suryo
Darren Dunham

The basic answer is:

- Lose the Makefile. cd /var/yp; mv Makefile Makefile.DONOTUSE

- re-initialize the NIS slave using 'ypinit -s <master>'

Which I did, and which made things work again as wished since the NIS slave
is now a client of itself again and still accepting updates.

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