Summary dns(solaris 8)

From: Erik Simonsen <>
Date: Thu Jan 16 2003 - 14:06:40 EST
Quick summary:  We are moving datacenters in one weekend.  We want to
change DNS to point from one ip range to another range as quickly as

Answers:  I got about 25 answers, so thanks a lot everyone.  The general
concensus was to decrease TTL from it's default of 1 day to something
much smaller.  A few people pointed out that that's only half the
trick.  You ALSO have to decrease the TTL of the name servers at the
registrar.  Our registrar was not compliant in that, so we are taking a
few extra steps.  Luckily, I forsaw the TTL problem and set it to 15 min
at the begining of the week.  What we have decided to do is to set up a
new dns server at the new colo (we got permission to move it in early),
and have our old zones and ips on the new server.  Once we've confirmed
that they are working, we changed them at the registrar and gave the
change a while to propogate through the Internet.  Finally, on the day
of the move, we will just swap out the data files for each zone and HUP
named on both the new and old dns servers.  This should minimize the
outage to one very short TTL, and most people won't notice it.  The main
lesson learned was A) Don't rely on the registrar because they can take
days. and B) lower the TTL to 300-900 seconds before the move (giving
enough time for the TTL changes to propogate).

Thanks managers
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