SUMMARY: moving disks between v800s

From: <>
Date: Tue Jan 14 2003 - 06:07:10 EST
On Fri, Jan 10, 2003 at 09:18:37AM +0100, wrote:
> We have two v880: one is older, production server (CPU 750MHz),
> the new one has CPU 900 MHz. Both has (almost) the same configuration.
> I am going to move disks from the old one into the new server.
> Can I do this ? Can I expect any problems ?
> Did anybody do such (or similar) operations ?

Thanks to:
Abhilash V M
Hichael Morton
Stan Pietkiewicz
Tim Chipman

In general: I can do this but should remember about
all patches needed to use 900 CPU module

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