SUMMARY: URGENT - Sol8 x86 Install

From: Nicolas Dorfsman <>
Date: Fri Jan 10 2003 - 13:26:33 EST
Many thanks to :

Alex Stade
Justin Stringfellow
Bill Voight
Chris Pinnock
Tim Chipman

With a special award to Tim, Justin and Chris .

1) CD "Software 1 of 2" has a bootable image so, it's ridiculous to boot
from the "Install CD" and then swap to "Software CD".

2) Instead of booting from CDs, I can boot from floppy (but I didn't
have a Solaris boot floppy).

3) Swap could work.

Bill notices that it won't work on Sparc. (It would be so wonderful to
have sparc instead of Intel !).
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