SUMMARY: Sunfire V100 and Netra T1 crash when un/plugging console

From: Andrew Williamson - Fujitsu <>
Date: Fri Jan 10 2003 - 06:06:06 EST

Wow - that was quick :)

Many thanks to Sam Nelson, Beat Jucker, Justin Stringfellow and Espen
Martinsen for pointing me towards the fact that this is in fact normal
behaviour, and also the ability to disable this by uncommenting
KEYBOARD_ABORT=disable in /etc/default/kbd (and then doing a kbd -i to
refresh that change).

Thanks again.


-- Original question:
We recently got two V100s and a Netra T1. It was discovered that
inserting or unplugging a console on the LOM A port while the system is
up results in the system crashing down to the 'ok' prompt with not even
a crash dump file to show for it.
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