SUMMARY: oracle - mem upgrade and OS update, just checking here first.

From: Broun, Bevan <>
Date: Tue Jan 07 2003 - 17:41:26 EST
Thanks to: 
"Elaine ." <>
"Beavers, Reginald" <>
Mike O <>
Alan Pae <>
"Lynch, Julie K" <>

most people said just make a backup of /etc/system and check afterwards.

Julie Lynch said
You should notate the values of the shared memory and semaphores.  If the
upgrade resets these values to something lower than what they are right
now, it is a good possibility the database(s) will crash.  Hopefully your
DBA will be around when you do these hardware/OS upgrades.

Thanks all


on Mon, Jan 06, 2003 at 02:40:05PM +1100, Broun, Bevan <> wrote:
> I have oracle 9 installed on a dual CPU E420 running solaris 8. I need to
> upgrade the OS from flat 8 to 8/02. I also need to upgrade the memory from
> 1GB to 2GB. Does anyone here see any possible problems?
> I worried about kernel parameters set by oracle during the install (which I
> didnt do, Ive never done an oracle install) being dependant on memory size
> and possibly being wiped out by the upgrade install.
> BB
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