SUMMARY: Mounting ISO Images?

From: Thornton Prime <>
Date: Mon Jan 06 2003 - 17:34:11 EST
> Is there any way to mount ISO images on Solaris?

The partial answer is to use lofiadm. One person recommended the fbk driver.

A couple of folks sent me the nice one liner:

   mount -F hsfs `lofiadm -a file.iso` /mntpoint

This will give me access to the first slice on the image, but as far as I
can see, not any of the other slices. (I noticed that the man page uses a
Linux CD rather than a Solaris CD with slices in the example ... hrmmm.)

Thanks to all who answered ...

Timothy Lorenc
Derek Olsen
Steve Mickeler
Tim Evans
Polak, Jon
David Foster
Randy Romero
Jason Heiss
Joe Rice
Jeff Woolsey
Jeff Horwitz
Greg Polanski
.... and everyone else ...

Thornton Prime
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