SUMMARY: Apache Segfault in Solaris 9

From: Tim Evans <>
Date: Sun Jan 05 2003 - 13:43:10 EST
Earlier, I wrote:

>Just upgraded an E4500 to Solaris 9 from Solaris 8, and find apache starts
>ok, but segfaults on all accesses, returning "document contains no data"
>in browser.  Error log says (many times):
>[Sun Jan  5 10:24:57 2003] [notice] child pid 7333 exit signal Segmentation 
>Fault (11)
>This includes not only Apache 1.3.27 compiled with a number of options, but
>also the Sun version of 1.3.26 that comes with Solaris 9.

Thanks to:

Sydney Weinstein <>
Ryan A. Krenzischek" <>
Greg Gallagher <>
Rich Kulawiec <>

One suggestion was to recompile Apache and outside mods (I'd already done so, 
with no luck, and should have noted that in my message). Others suggested
checking LD_LIBRARY_PATH and using ldd to check to see was was linked to by
the httpd executable.  This, too, looked ok.

Greg suggested disabling mod_perl, and this did the trick.  I'm not sure if
any of our webfolks use it, and will have to deal with this issue if they do,
but, at least, we are back in business today.

(Interestingly, this fix did *not* make Sun's distributed apache work.)
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