SUMMARY: Problem with permission modes of /tmp

From: <>
Date: Thu Jan 02 2003 - 10:24:46 EST
        I got a lot of useful solutions. Thanks to all those who have 
replied and provided suggestions/solutions.
        I have applied James' solution (a few others too provided the same 
        I booted the sytems through net from my boot server into single 
user mode, mounted the actual '/' filesystem onto /mnt and apllied the 
permissions on /mnt/tmp (which is the /tmp on the actual root filesystem) 
using chmod 1777.
        This has solved the problem.
        Thanks once again to all those who have provided valuable 

Shyam Kumar M

My original posting:-

        I have a few workstations installed with solaris 8 using 
jumpstart, which are having problem with the permission modes of the
Actually I had a tmp directory in the jumpstart directory with 400 
permission modes. 
        After I identified the problem I had corrected the jumpstart 
directory and now all my new installations have the /tmp permissions 
perfectly fine. 
        However,  for these few machines, which were installed with 
improper jumpstart configuration, the /tmp permission is still a
If I change the permission on the /tmp to 777, it gets reset to 400
after a reboot, and I have to set the permissions again. 
        Can anyone suggest me how I can make the permission mode change 
persistent across the reboots?
         I know I can solve the porblem by doing a reinstall of these 
machines, but I don't want to do it. 
        Is there any way of solving the problem?
Shyam Kumar M
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